News Januar 2007

Amsterdam Exhibition

2007-01-07 19:10


The German fashion, nude & wellness photographer Markus Amon will exhibit his work at Studio Apart in Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 715, from 21 July till 2 September 2007. His

show is titled “Mystic Women”. With “Mystic Women” Markus Amon and Studio Apart will participate in the 7th edition of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week that

opens on the same day as the exhibition. (AIFW: 21-30 July) By contracting Markus Amon for this exhibition, Studio Apart has brought a master into their gallery who convincingly won his spurs worldwide already. His work was published in international magazines like Celebrity, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Maxim, Men’s Health, Playboy and Vogue. The title of the exhibition “Mystic Women”, according to Markus Amon, is based on the interaction between himself and his model. He took his pictures of mostly naked or almost naked women in an atmosphere of intimacy. There was no big team present on location, just a stylist, so the shoots had a very intimate character. An exception hereto is the photo Markus Amon shot of Naomi Campbell. That picture was made in the Parisian Pin Up Studios. The pictures that were chosen for the show concentrate on the person that was photographed, without landscapes. A few photos, nevertheless, were taken against a background, but in those cases the setting is of minor importance. Working in a private and personal atmosphere, using natural light and bright locations like -for instance- lofts, considers Markus Amon to be his individual style.

“The contact between the model and me must be very confidential”, he says. The photographer manages very well to create the intended atmosphere, because his pictures exude serenity. Markus Amon mainly works with professional models via model agencies.

The exhibition “Mystic Women” consists of 20 pictures, all taken in the last 2years. Markus Amon chose pictures with a reduced colour base, and in black and white. The photos were printed on so-called Fine Art paper (Hahnemühle). This paper is made of 100% cotton fibre and the pictures that are printed on this

kind of paper have museum quality. Moreover, because Markus Amon uses “Ultra Chrome Colours”, the colour permanency of his prints is about 80 years. Despite the fact that over the last few years he has been working increasingly in the professional beauty & nude sector, Markus Amon is above all a portrait photographer.

For various international magazines he had (amongst others) celebrities like Anthony Perkins, Susan Seidlman, Eros Ramazotti, Maria Schrader and Bill Gates in front of his camera.

In addition to his commercial assignments -his most recent assignment being in Rio de Janeiro and on the Seychelles on behalf of a stock agency-, Markus Amon is busy

with his own projects. At the moment he is working on a series of nudes, photographed in hotel rooms all around the globe. He already travelled to Africa, Cuba, Vietnam

and Japan for this. Future projects that are being planned are shoots in the Sahara Desert in November 2007 and in Havana, Cuba, in February 2008.